Welcome to our town of La Canada, California.....home of many an internet junkie. Few people know that this obscure town in the suburbs of Los Angeles is actually a big net phreak nexus. Besides its more obvious celebrity residents like "Potsie" from Happy Days, Major Dad & Delta Burke, and Kevin Costner (pre-divorce), La Canada is the point of origin for many a web personality.

Why, Blair's very own Bryan and Richard were highschool Spanish III partners. And who should be in Math Club with us but Brian Behelendorf (HE of HotWiReD, SFRaves, Hyperreal.com, and god knows what else?) The only guy who hasn't lived there yet is Charles of underground.net, Megadeth, AZ, bazaar.com, but he'll probably end up moving there. (Good, cause I've had a crush on Charles since the day he e-mailed me to watch him on E!-entertainment with Julia Sweeny. --Richard.)

So let's jump into the wayback machine and see what happened there last summer, shall we?

Lots of inlineds, sound and mpeg ahead...

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