Blair welcomes the BEDAZZLER: underground medium

The Bedazzler is so cheap it can be bought for around $9 at any toystore these days. Basically you cant even give the things away. Buy now while they're still on the shelves (and before they get replaced with even more Power Rangers shit), and create your own expressive t-shirts. Check out the pussy shirts by kitty boots in NYC, and then make your own. it's a cinch. just like stapling. in the middle is Miss Guy at wigstock.

Always quick to jump on the bandwagon, Richard made his own PATO-brand shirt. "I was wearing it at the Roxy when who should walk by but Jean Paul Gaultier himself!" (true story! i thought he was just another shirtless guy with no hair.) -Richard.

Be creative and maybe you too will run into a fashion superstar.

We welcome your comments, and would dig on your creative contribution!
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