My New Thing: Alien Workshop

by Richard

I know, like every week i have a new thing, but this one's kind of old and ongoing. Alien Workshop is this skateboard company I'm into. Actually, I dont think the real skaters like it too much - too ravewear. But I'm a total skate poseur, mostly in for the whiteboy mystique, so even if i knew what the triple suede ollie patch on my sneakers were for i'd be digging AW deeply. They have the BEST graphics!

Check out this t-shirt selection. My advice is that everyone should have exactly ONE AW shirt, cause if you get several, people start asking "do all your clothes have aliens on them?"

Also they make decks with similar graphics, but also a really kool line with bizarre photos on them.

I get all my stuff from the CCS catalog i stole from Brad's brother seth. The ph# is 1-800-477-9283 if you want the catalog. Or tell me if there's a better skate catalog i should be getting.

Oh yeah, I am fawning over this skater guy/compsci nerd, named Dan Dunham at Michigan State. He runs a web page there, which i give you permission to go off to as long as you come back here ok?

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