Parker Posey is the best. All summer long Richard and Brad (blair's eyes in minneapolis) could be found doing dazed&confused imitations of their favorite teen tyrant. Brad does an excellent "seniors.." complete with hand gestures, while richard prefers to pantomime the "suffer sisters" ketchup extravaganza.
According to my favorite magazine PAPER, parker is busy with several films. so be sure to check her out in the upcoming films: frisk, which is a seedy movie with hustlers, drug dealers, and serial killers. also, kicking and screaming which is supposedly reality bites-esque, and boys where she plays girlfriend to james leGros.

Smile, you'll love her just as much as blair does.

Here's a series of QT movies of Parker at her best. rent Dazed & Confused for the full-on wonderment.

No time to download the movies? Ok, we made audio files for your lazy ass. Now wipe that head off your face, bitch.