Towa Tei: Enter the MindOrgy

At our high school reunion over christmas, bryan and I got a chance to meet up with long lost friend Hirofumi who informs us he's moving to japan to start a career in A&R for a major label. Anyways, we got to talking about japanese artists we're interested in: shonen knife, super junkey monkey, boredoms, ryuichi sakamoto, and we got to towa tei (aka jungle dj towa towa of deee-lite). So Hiro invited us over to tape his new japanese Towa Tei album along with the geisha girls EP (which is this japanese rap/comedy group that dress up like geishas) on which Towa and On-E contribute their skill.

Bryan and I have been big deee-lite fans for years, and i met lady kier this year, and her mom a long time ago. Actually i, richard, am the main deee-lite-head. But Deee-lite is so much about Lady Kier, and she gets all the publicity. So we thought we'd dedicate a page of info on the genius that is Towa Tei.

His new album "Future Listening" is a venture into his easy listening thing, not muzak, but music that is easy to listen to. On the album he works with Joi Cardwell, Bebel Gilberto (daughter of Joao Gilberto), Ryuichi Sakamoto, Maki Nomiya of pizzicato 5, and numerous other notables that we are too dumb to know. Everyone I hear from raves about this album. Hirofumi says it's the best album he's heard all year. We are diggin it too.