Enrica and Cathy's Guide to Lacoste

YOU need a lacoste shirt, plain and simple. WHY? ok....cause:

  1. face it, you are a nerd.
  2. you can be chic yet kewl in your new lacoste, or as enrica so eloquently put it "lacoste reminds me of my childhood as a small european child".
  3. cause i told you to, and dont ever question me again.

I asked my fashion pals enrica and cathy to give you the inside lowdown on how to choose the exact right lacoste for you.

OK, Rule #1, the supreme rule:

If you fail to follow these rules, you will look like a total retard! so pay attention. 100% cotton includes such textilefests as terrycloth, which is a bonus if you ever find one. Green alligator kicks blue alligator's ass, cause blue is often a sign of dreaded 50/50 lacoste, and it is an unnatural creature. got it?

Once these rules are followed, the rest is a matter of preference.


Arm Bands?

Crop baby lacoste, and other assorted Urban Outfitteresque knock-offs

Le Tigre???


Assorted lacoste (and Le TIgre) can be found at your local thrift shops. Here in NYC, i like the 23rd st. salvo. army. but they have been a little dry recently. You gotta work for your lacoste in order to pay only like $2.99 for it. Otherwise, you gotta schlepp over to Barneys where they sell for $90. DONT DO IT! or at least wait for the barney's warehouse sale (which everyone knows is still a rip-off, but who was there at 8am in line last time? ok, me.)

Now you are all set, go for it and growl like the tiger, or snap like the gator you love so much.

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