Skaters are the BEST. You know how they have that "wholesome, yet juvenile delinquent" appeal? That's what I'm digging everytime i have to stop and watch a skater go by.

Our friend Steve at LICK zine complains that skateboarding lacks sex appeal - "...those pants they will i ever know if Ethan Fowler or Tim Brauch has the better ass?" TRUE! and i agree with him that "Thrasher should be a nudie-mag". I mean THIS is the most revealing picture i could find in the last issue!

So until Thrasher comes out with a swimsuit issue, you'll have to come to us to check out the "Cute Skater of the Month".

This time the big winner is Weston "adopt me-face" Correa, who rides for the FIRM. Isn't he kewl? He's not too famous, but he *DID* make the CCS calender. He reminds me of my old best friend and wrestling partner, alex cunningham, who now fronts a band in SF called jojo.

BTW, the hottest web skater is still Dan "i did not pose for this picture" Dunham. Part nerd, part man of the streets, dan is like koolness factor 17.
Watch Dan land this huge ollie.

And here is the board that i am currently riding thru NYC. I designed it myself! Jenny shimizu is tuff.
Here's Bryan's old skool board which he inherited from jesse of Operation Ivy.

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