I Luv Aliens! part 2

by Richard

I was at that StarWars exhibit in San Francisco in March, and 2 revelations occurred.

  1. All gay guys have a thing for Boba Fett
  2. I really miss that awful miniseries V: the visitors

I have this theory that people who love V belong to a very specific generation cause it was shown only once and you kinda had to be of a younger mindset to dig on all those swallowings of live mice. So V is one of those few shows that really defines my generation.

(left) evil alien queen, Diana, shows her barfy real reptile skin. naturally the main evil character is the alien lady.

The main highlights of V are when the girl gives birth to those alien twins, and the first one is like normal at first, then it flips out this super long freaky lizard tongue at the nurse, meanwhile, the other reptile baby crawls out on its own! YAY reptile babies! (the bummer is that this scene is not in the miniseries, so you cant rent it, and like digitize it to be spewed all over the web. not that we'd know...) The other main good thing about V is that there is a rodent eaten in every episode. Oooh! I love when Diana stuffs that live guinea pig in her mouth!

V is at yer videostore if you really wanna check it out. [kewl jpeg from V] Otherwise, when was the last time you saw Meatballs? (i'd rent it with you if i could...i love that girl who delivers the gossip at breakfast. she's HOT!!!)

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