Cute Skater: Alleyoop!

she's 5'2" of cuteness and skates up a storm... she lives on donuts and isnt afraid to say "i like greenday!". she's alley and she is so rad.

bryan and i met up with alleyoop (aka jenny kim) at her main hangout of old town pasadena. we were duly impressed that she knew every kid on the street that we pointed out... not just the ugly ones either! and during dinner she wowed me even more! not only is alley a cute skater, but she knows all about the brady bunch and three's co. i started whispering "i need air! give me air!" and she actually got the marcia brady ghost reference! and to top off her tv literacy, she was able to do the lines of terry from my favorite episode of three's company! i was literally dumbfounded.

but there's more! not only is alley a genius of three's company, but she is also a bastion of free thought and strong principle. we thought she was gonna puke when greenday came on the radio, but rather than jumping on the popular "i hate greenday" bandwagon, she was able to say she actually LIKES them! and when further pressed, bryan even got her to announce "paula abdul is rad!" (perhaps influenced by our pleasing rendition of paula's hit vibology!) ay ay ay!!

anyhow.. back in the blairmobile, we were scoping out the good skatespots for alley to do her stuff (and for us to tape her). we found the perfect place at this gas station with a huge lite-up plastic manger scene! come they told her, just like the little drummer boy. and boy did alley skate her ass off for that plastic baby jesus! it was very touching.

if you happen to see her hanging in pasadena, or at school in santa barbara be sure to give her the big yoohoo from blair! oh yeah.. she's the first blair team skater! if you too wanna be sponsored by TEAM BLAIR (good for yr resume!), please email team captain alley your best tricks and the answer to the question "why would i make a good team blair skater?" we'll post the full team roster in the next issue! we're gonna prove you dont have to be good at skating, just cute.

here's the kewl skate vids of our girl in action!