So ok... ever since i moved to new york, there's been this big warpy freakout to my gaydar cuz of all the european tourists here. i swear.. some smiling guy comes walking thru soho in some tight Bundeswear ribbed t-shirt and like.. red jeans, and a caesar hairdo.. and your mind starts going *blip* *blip* and then all of a sudden your NEW BOYFRIEND starts talking german and hugging his girlfriend! what a mindfuck! it's so not fair.

so anyhow.. it's become like a big game for me, and i think basically every fag in town is playing it privately in his head here. so you know.. i decided to come up with this little web guessing game to decide if a guy was gay or euro based on distinct clues in attire, and body language. call me superficial but that's how it works, ok? and stalker that i am, i actually went out onto the streets and took pictures of guys at rockefeller center cuz it was so easy to just hang back and wait for them to stop and pose on their own there, and i'd just snap their pictures. i felt just like the funky black chick in 3-2-1 contact's bloodhound gang!

so come play the game.. it's fun AND educational! just choose your victim and then ponder his picture, and then click to see how you did compared to our panel of gaydar. guess who's in the panel? it's me (richard), bryan, and cute cute dutch skaterboy marcel appelman of HUPHTUR magazine, our sister zine in holland.

Let's Play Gay or Eurotrash!