Hey there freakazoids. wasup and shit?

welcome to blair issue #3! god, i KNOW it's taken forever to get this issue out there, but we're totally excited that our baby has grown so well. she's fatter than ever, and still growing! it's just like the real blair from facts of life. wow.. does life imitate art or what?!

you know.. it was just 2 years ago that i was fired from my web job at school when it was discovered that i was spending most of my free time downloading gay porn, the event marking the birth of blair, .. and look how far we've come! we've got a new server, loads of media blurb attention, and best of all we get the most awesome email from you readers. so you know.. thanks and everything!

and keep yr eyes peeled for our new zine for the more mature reader.. it's called "edna"! soon to be followed by more spinoffs such as "tootie" , the very butch-oriented "jo", and the insanely hilarious "gerri"!

--richard and bryan

mad props to - mary "babylegs" clarke, marjorie "dr.afrodite" ingall, elise "shabadoo" harris, charles "shaggy" runnette, the cyborganic cult, keva "special k" marie, anna sui's cousin eika aoshima, the well trained flikkers of #skate, "jack-ay"-impersonator heath brockwell, chip "bugaloo shrimp" wass, tricia "jerseygurl" nelson, the suckers of suck.com, wired, the fags at YAO, factsheet5, gaydar specialist peter miele, gifboy sean burke, virtual city, PAPERmag (thanks for the invitations!), huphtur zine, and all you cyberfags and fashionauts out there. you know who you are.

"all good dancers have a street name!" -breakin': the movie