aaahhhhh.. FREAKOUT!

always pushing the envelope of technology, we at blair have set-up a SPECIAL shockwave technology webpage for ya, to illustrate the gorgeous kabuki minimalist art of robot dancing, RIGHT on yr NETSCAPE window! it's like kool times infinity. but you need to download the netscape2.0 plug-in first if you dont already have it (which you probably dont). and yr gonna need netscape2.0 as well! duh.

ok so if you arent plugged with the shcokwaver thingee, and wanna view the animatronic oldskool technology version of the robot page, hit this HYPERSPACE button, you neo-luddite. (it's STILL kool, plus no annoying soundtrack!)

otherwise.. please follow ME!

DOWNLOAD the Pre-Release shockwave plug-in...

when yr ready, drop that plug-in into yr netscape plug-in folder, and restart netscape to load in yr new toy. just be sure to put on yr seatbelt.. these plug-ins are crashville!

THEN, come back and click HERE! for the DANCING FOOL version of this page. you rule!