it's huph

my relationship with huph began when i accidentally popped into the tumyeto tony hawk irc interview, and he started sending me insane messages BEGGING to be cute skater of blair. HA! it takes years of training to be a cute skater!

anyhow.. we became fast buds on #skate, where huph has achieved demi-god status for his amazing trick of speaking only dutch! and the fact that he controlled the bot didnt hurt either. i spent a summer visiting him in huntington beach, and god.. he IS cute! also, he smells very good. if you ever get a chance to meet him, be sure to take a good whiff. his other secret and until now unknown power was that of straight guy gaydar! i guess all those childhood days in amsterdam taught him more than just how to sell tickets at the family windmill!

email huph and he'll send you "the amsterdam special" carepackage: hashish, child pornography, and a wooden shoe!

and read the dork's zine.. it's called.. HUPHTUR. duh!

oh yeah.. he's an ok skater too! check him out in this revealing quicktime. (162 K)