it's john sanchez

john (front and center) has been an avid blair reader and superbrilliant friend since the conception of blair #1. in fact, it's somewhat cheezy and embarrassing to note that richard and john made out in the enchanted tiki room of disneyland! hheheeh.

john is the author is the amazing zine called "ive written a letter" in which he writes letters to various companies detailing how their product has enhanced his alternative lifestyle. for example:

"Dear Linda McCartney,

I have been a fan of yours for many years, ever since you were in the band "Wings", so when I saw your new dinners in the frozen foods section of my grocery store, naturally I bought some.

I thought you might like to know that your convenient and delicious frozen no-meat dinners have helped me finally make the switch to a vegetarian life style!

It wasn't easy, but I had some great help. You see, one day while stocking up on Linda McCartney's Home Style Cooking Meatless Entrees, I met the man who later became my lover and who moved in with me. (Linda, you wont believe it - his name is Paul!)

Paul and I gradually weaned ourselves off the destructive and unhealthy meat habit, and now there's no going back! (I know because we relapsed and ate corn dogs a week ago. Our bodies had grown so unaccustomed to meat that we "got sick" - if you know what I mean!)

So, I wanted to thank you and Linda McCartney's Home Style Cooking Meatless Entrees for bringing two people closer together, and closer to a healthy and moral way of eating.
Please write back! My address is _____________.

Love, John Sanchez

john is currently working on a new zine featuring his drag persona Osaka Hernandez, who is noted for her touching tributes to the late great tejano giant, Selena!

email johnfor more details! he's desperate for email!!!