it's me richard.

hey wasup. here's a picture of me with bryan laying around photographer eika aoshima's apartment floor. all the junk on the floor is actual junk from my room, like that crazee frog alarm clock which actually croaks and stuff as an alarm. the other bizarre thing about that clock is that it says "Mr. Frag" on it instead of mr.frOg. bryan found this to be incredibly hilarious.

well, if you see any dolls in the picture then you can know that my other secret obsession is celebrity dolls! well i already have tori spelling and brooke shields, PLUS the rare james spader doll. i won james spader on this radio contest for the movie extravaganza known as stargate. the doll is like a zillion times buffer than the real james spader though.

write to me if you know where i can get a cheap shannen doherty doll!

watch my embarrassing diva-like hissyfit at a blair videoshoot.