it's wayne
im wayne. im the gruff but gentle one. in san fran page me 415 303 7419. (no, richard, im not a fucking hustler, i just like making new friends.. grrr) but i also do a zine.

richard and bryan choose (over their editor)to call me up one night when they showed up in sfo. they demonstrated their robot dancing infront of a bar full of euro hostel swine and had the boys throwing themselves at their feet. i was attracted to bryans old friend. but she didnt give me the time of day. typical. i think bryan and richards shit is going to blow up in 96. only if they steer clear of kissing ass to thirtysomething dogs who work at wack yuppie/aesthetic-in-ten minutes pulp zines. also i want them both to write for my zine. or maybe bryan to ask richards (mussolinni in-chief) permission. at least he can do a multimedia gimmicks for me and take credit for them in multEYEmedia U or whatever.

keep having fun.