Lynda Barry
funk queen USA

Lynda barry is a 41 yr old redheaded, 1/4 filipina artist/writer who really rocks out! if you were ever to meet bryan and me.. youd see how much she's influenced our lives. for example.. if you went to dinner with us, and we said to you "Would you like to drink more of my PEE, cezer? " you'd be cracking up due to our hilarious quoting of lynda barry!

her comics are in a lot of the free weekly papers of major cities, and a lot of ppl say they are "too busy" and "weird" or "ugly", but THEY ARE WRONG! lynda barry is the total god of you!!

anyhow, i wrote a letter to lynda, and hey.. wouldnt you know.. she wrote back!! and she wrote back A LOT!!!

read all about her incredibleness in our exclusive blair INTERVIEW!