Welcome to blair#6

When we last left you,
I was off to Nashville Tennessee,
but I'm now happy to announce
Blair is an all New York based site again
which means we are probably giving you the finger
and spitting as you read this!
I hope you enjoy this,
our Broadway birdcage and handicapped inspired issue.
It was 2 years in the making,
and is probably our most collaborative effort yet,
with our stable of freshmakers out in full force.

Thank you to everyone who has mailed us,
played gay or eurotrash on office hours,
and done our word of mouth promotion!
Or as Bea Arthur would say:
Thank you for being a friend!
And if you'd like one of our newly printed
Blair stickers, email me and I'll send you the goods.

And special thanks to:
our website host at youth.org, illustrator friend michael economy,
our galpals at gURL, index magazine, and all our friends who continue to inspire retardedness.