Welcome to SISSY!

Hey there chump! welcome to SISSY, the secret lovechild of old $kool Sassy mag and BLAIR - and written entirely by celebrities. Does mayim Bialik count as a celebrity? ...uhm, yeah.

so check it. the story goes that our much beloved sassy was bought and sold and the entire staff replaced by a new child safety lock staff - a staff who chose the word guido as their first new Glossary word of the month. Yeah, racist and like entirely pre-82? ...at least it's not SUBVERSiVE.

anyhow, sIssy is the LOST dec'94 issue of sAssy - the last issue EVER, never published before, syquests still at the printers, etc. It was gonna be put out as a paper zine, but everyone was too bummed out, and where the fuck did those disks go?! blair got slipped the ratty 3rd gen xeroxes and the rest is all here, revamped for the web. woo hoo!!

read up kid.

special thanks:ex-sassy staff. mayim bialik (so lame she's kool), brent the boy model (yow.), billy corgan, mike D., evan "i wish i were him" dando, james iha (who actually volunteered to write his feature on lolla 94), thurston moore aka fempriest@aol.com, rupaul queen of queens, chloe sevigny (ex-intern turn star), veruca salt (who hate all things "sickly-sweet and cloying").

thanks to contributers who didnt make the web issue: damon "i need yet another cover of the FACE" albarn, tyra banks who agreed to write her own fashion copy but whose xerox was so poor it could not be salvaged, naomi campbell whose SWAN novel was excerpted but then decided against cause #1 she didnt even write it herself, and #2 she snubbed her fans (me) at the barnes and nobles booksigning last winter, dr dre and ed lover, janeane garofalo whose HELP section was in lost pieces and right at the good questions!, lady kier who handed in her copy despite the fact there was a fire in her apt, ben lee, ian "he of affordable shows" mackaye, maki nomiya baby love child, ricky "beastie boy hanger-on" powell, michael stipe (did he really fuck kurt?), jenna "six" von oy (saw her doll at the flea market on 26th st), dean ween, wiley wiggins who answers email like a speed demon, dweezil zappa brother of the legendary moonunit.

NO thanks to:hope sandoval of mazzy star. she never showed up at the big fashion shoot she PROMISED to do. when mary called her, she didnt even apologize, but said she was going to get some custom leather pants made. oh. hope they give her a wedgie.

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