GlamourPuss Joey Ramone Invites YOU to partake in the Good life!

*to be read in the voice of Robin Leach

Joey Ramone is just one of the glitterati who enjoys star treatment in the diamond-studded playground of New York City's Rich and Famous - the fabulous Brian Pickston Hair Spa.

The famous front man for the rock 'n' roll band the Ramones was feeling quite frazzled after recent tours and recording his upcoming EP, Sibling Rivalry, with brother Mickey Leigh. So we whisked him off to Brian's salon for some well deserved pampering.

After a steaming cup of black coffee, prepared by Brian's impeccable staff, Joey changed into an exclusive black robe so as not to ruin his pricey Alternative Tentacles T-shirt. Next, lunch: Joey sampled one of Manhattan's finer delicacies: a tuna sandwich from exclusive society caterer Burke & Burke. No ordinary tap water for this rock 'n' roll luminary: Joey sipped from a large bottle of Evian (a favorite among the French aristocracy!)

Joey was prepared now for his beauty transformation. He told us, "I'm game for the dry-hair treatment." And presto! Brian mixed Aveda's Purescriptions potion made up of actual human hair proteins ! Then Brian and his lovely assistant Getty drizzled and massaged this wonderful confection into Joey's lengthy locks, while the singer enjoyed the luxury of choosing his own background music. Only the top-of-the-pops for Joey: Modern Lovers and Hole.

With Joey's hair saturated, Getty placed a pure plastic cap on his head and led the famous songwriter to a heat-lamp throne, where he enjoyed reading about his socialite friends in Town & Country magazine. After about 20 minutes of pure 18-carat relaxation, Getty took Joey to the extravagant hair washing massage bed so he could receive an aromatherapy scalp rub and shampoo. Joey was on cloud nine as he purred, "I'm finding this very pleasant. I'm in nirvana. (not the band)"

Hairdresser to the rich and famous Hugh Mac Dill arrived to blowdry and style the golden voiced singer's newly revived locks to perfection. Joey's reaction? "My hair's fluffy full." Rejuvenated and ready for the fast-paced life of a superstar, Joey bid Brian and his team farewell, and headed home to his luxury apartment in Manhattan's superexclusive East Village, where a bag full of Aveda products awaited him for his whirlwind tour of glitzy Czechoslovakia.

Oh Joey! What a difference a day of beauty makes!

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