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What do I do about stomach hair? I have a line of hair that really bothers me. Is there a way to make it disappear forever?

Don't buy into that Madison Avenue thing. Hair is beautiful (after all, there must be a reason they call that little bit of stomach hair a happy trail). You should learn to love it in all its natural beauty. But if you really hate it, there are options. You can shave it, but it'll grow back worse. You can wax it (ouch!). My advice is to bleach the hair with a product you buy from the drugstore (like Jolen). And if all else fails, French braid it!


My hair Is really damaged from too many perms. I've tried lots of different conditioners and my hair still looks totally fried out. How can I get It to look healthier?

I have one thing to say...wear a wig. Actually, that's a joke. The truth is either you've got to cut it all off and completely start over or keep clipping the ends until it all grows out. Whatever you do, do not reperm.


I started on this health kick. I walk a lot and go bike riding I've also stopped eating junk food and eat fruits and veggies as snacks instead. The only thing is, I've gained 10 pounds and my legs are massive. How come?
Not obsessed, just wanna know

I spoke to my trainer, Mark Aycox at Equinox, and he says to tell you to keep up the good work as far as changing your eating and exercise habits goes. The reason you weigh more is that you've gained muscle and lost body fat. Oddly enough, muscle weighs more. If you're really concerned about your legs getting too big, you might want to do different kinds of exercises, ones that work the whole body and not just your legs. Try aerobics or swimming for a full-body workout. (I m addicted to aerobics myself!)


My boyfriend has zillions of blackheads all over his nose and I'm just dying to squeeze them; only he won't lot me. He thinks they'll turn into big red zits. What should I do?

Sweetie, sweetie, for the first time in history, the man is right! Don't pop those suckers; you could scar him. Get that boy a gentle facial cleanser and some non-alcohol-based toner. Start cleaning, girl!


I don't like to go overboard with makeup, but I do like to look special at parties. Any tips? Nothing too complicated, please.

I know what you mean. I don't like to go overboard with makeup either! Here's what I think you should do (and these tips are for every day, not just special occasions!) Put some liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer on a wet makeup sponge. Apply to your face very lightly to even out you skin tone. Use a makeup brush end whisk on a light layer of translucent face powder. Get an eyelash curler and curl your lashes. Take black, and only black, mascara, and use it sparingly. If you want to look special at parties, wear a different lipstick color than your usual one. Maybe put a bit of lip balm underneath, to give it a glossy look.


Let's say I get a zit smack in the middle of my forehead before big date or something. What's the quickest way to make it disappear?

For me, zits are stress indicators, and, of course, if you're nervous before a big date, you're going to get a big one on your forehead. Do not pop it (scarring, sweetie, scarring) and do not put makeup on top of it (you 'll clog it and make it worse!). I'm afraid that the only thing you can do is grin and bear it and put a little medicated cover-up (like Exact Tinted Acne and Pimple Medicated Creme) on it. Anyway, that boy should love you for you, zit or no zit.


My teeth just look so dingy and dull. How can I make them look whiter?

I guess you could use one of those whiteners they advertise on TV, but I'm afraid that it might do something weird to your tooth enamel. I shy away from these things myself. I think a safer way is to start wearing lipstick. It'll give the illusion that your teeth are whiter than they are.


I'm thin but I have a tummy that sticks out in a big way. What's the best way from me to dress so it's less noticeable? Natalie

You could buy a waist cincher (drag definition for corset). That's what I use when I feel bloated. 0r what you could do is wear A-line dresses and overalls to keep it covered. But what you should do Is learn to love it. Bellies are beautiful. Pierce it and be proud. Either that or start doing some sit-ups or stomach crunches.

What a nice boy RuPaul was to take the time out of his busy day and answer your questions, huh?

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